Mens Stuff is a place where men can come together, have some fun and discuss what's going in with life, share experience and dive into deeper conversations with other men who are having similar experineces.  


Each month will offer a different experinece out in nature of Port Stephens either at the beach or out on the land.  After some time in nature letting off some steam we will catch up to chat about the real stuff..... the stuff that challenges us each day, the stresses of life and how to manage these.    


This will be a space to discuss whatever is coming up for you without judgement or pretence. Be as open as you can be to gain the most out of this experience.  We are all here to support each other and learn from each other.

Note : Prices will vary from month to month depending on activity.

Presented by 
Ben Grover (Men's Stuff Facilitator)

Gerard McGann (Business Coach)

Nicholas Zadkiel (Bowen Therapist)